We hear the question a lot: Why massage? Why should I bother to spend money and time on something that just feels good?

We want you to know that massage is much more than that feel-good, melty moment of tingles. It’s a practice that can improve circulation, relieve common ailments, increase your body’s effectiveness when exercising, and restore balance to your life in a way that’s often lacking in our society.

There is more and more research supporting the benefits of massage for better health, addressing everything from headaches to allergy relief to improved immune functions to fight off illness. The Mayo Clinic notes it as an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension.

Better sleep, more alertness/mental clarity… massage brings all of these for many recipients. If you’re interested in more research, feel free to read a recent Huffington Post article on the benefits of massage.

When we feel better physically, we feel better emotionally and spiritually. When we feel better emotionally, we are more productive in our lives at work, at play, and at love. This improvement helps create a complete, satisfying lifestyle.

Massage is not a pre-packaged, routine deal; it should be customized to fit your specific needs. Whether we are working together on prevention and maintenance or on specific muscle rehabilitation, I listen carefully to what it is that brings you in and respond accordingly.