Meet Karen of Rossignol Healing Arts

The mind body connection is real. We are energy, forever in perpetual motion on a cellular level. Thoughts are things which affect us all. The stories that we tell can help us or keep us stuck.

I have always been inspired to help where I could.  I volunteered answering women’s crisis hotlines and more recently with Hospice of the Piedmont. I have a BS in psychology from VCU. I was an aerospace medic in the USAF for 4 years where I served in Japan and North Dakota. My (then) husband and I moved to Richmond Va where we raised our 3 daughters. For 5 years I ran a soup kitchen and a coed, 40 bed homeless shelter after I got my degree. I loved that work but it was there, that I realized I needed more tools.

For 20+ years, I’ve been a state-certified massage therapist.  My work is trauma informed. I’ve completed Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing training to learn how to work with trauma that is stored in the body. I’ve studied polyvagal theory as it relates to regulation of the nervous system. I am a biomechanical craniosacral therapist which illuminates the connection between the body and the mind.

I’ve been a hypnotherapist for 20+ years as well. Always, I want to try to get to the root cause of whatever ails. I have enjoyed working with people who feel stuck and who are wanting more from their lives. In this work I often do internal parts work.

I am a (2021) certified death doula. I’ve volunteered for 3 years and loved it. The time spent with the diagnosed and dying is sacred to me. In 2019 my father passed unexpectedly. It was sad but it also opened me in ways that were profoundly beautiful and life changing.

As a culture, we have forgotten how to die well. There is a natural labor to dying that is predictable much like when we are born. I treasure the experience of assisting people as they navigate moving from shock, denial or fear into acceptance and even peace in their process. It is a sacred honor to be present in that capacity.

I’m a Reiki Master. I use this energy work in everything I do. I love it because it is so effective and simple that a child could do it!

Finally, I’m passionate about numerology and find it to be a super instrumental tool on the journey!

About Rossignol Healing Arts

It’s my private practice and my most personal offering. it is a culmination of all that I have learned.  It is my privilege to join you where you are right now. It takes so much courage to begin! This is a safe haven and if we are an appropriate fit, we can explore how I might support you best on your healing journey back to your most expansive, alive self.

I am LGBTQIA+ friendly

Be sure to review the Policies & Code of Conduct page, as well as the Location & Directions page to be ready for your session!