Whether you have sustained an injury or you just need to relax for a bit, massage soothes sore muscles and restores function. It is a natural, preventative part of maintaining good, balanced health. There are several styles of massage that can meet your needs; learn about the variety of services available to find the right one for you.

Sports MassageSports Massage

This is generally a deeper massage, targeting specific areas of the body that have been overworked or strained. This flushes the lactic acid from your muscles so that you can get out and enjoy the athletic activities you love, restored and renewed.

Prenatal Massage

Mothers-to-be need extra special care during their pregnancies. Prenatal massage helps to alleviate the discomfort of body changes and regulates fluid circulation. This is also great for stress relief, which is now important for both you and your little one!

Prenatal Massage

Swedish Massage

A relaxing massage using long, soothing strokes. This moves toxins out of the muscles, improving your circulation and leaving you feeling renewed. Swedish massage is fantastic to do while detoxing!

Deep Tissue Massage

This is ideal for the client who receives regular massage. This therapeutic work often targets specific muscle groups that need attention due to being tight, sore or overworked.

Hot Stone Massage

If you like the heat, then you will love our European hot stone session! Specially gathered stones are used to soothe your muscles and melt your tension away. Muscles surrender to the heat as you rest deeply.

Couples Massage Coaching

A three hour session of me working with you on each other! Very Fun! A long term investment in your relationship which fosters deep connection and a beautiful way to grow your intimacy. We work together on ways to around the #1 complaint of couples that  I hear about giving (and receiving) massage. Learn some basic body mechanics so that you can save your energy and not hurt yourself. Essential oil of your choosing in a bottle of massage oil that you take home for your own session! Discover what would be most helpful for your partner to receive. Learn different strokes and techniques for problem or favorite areas. I work with couples and small groups if you would like to have a gathering with friends at your home.

Infant Massage

One-on-one hands on instruction demonstrating how to massage your infant to encourage bliss, optimal health and enhanced bonding.

Reiki Session

Reiki is an ancient form of hands-on healing. It is a deeply relaxing, non-invasive therapy which does not even require that you get undressed. Reiki encourages the balance of our chakras. When we are in balance, we experience a heightened sense of well being and the ability to heal ourselves.

Reiki Power Nights

Folks trained in Reiki join together to practice and grow their skills in a supportive group setting.  Also, for those who desire healing.


Add this to any session. Pick a therapeutic oil that can enhance your session and aid in supporting you physically and emotionally. There are a variety of Do-Terra oils to choose from. This practice has been recognized as a stand-alone therapy in other countries for centuries.


This practice can help you break unwanted habits. Hypnosis can also access information from past lifetimes that can potentially uncover the root cause of what ails you. In this life, you have longings, whispering in your ear but feel there is something keeping you from them. You may even know what your blocks are but feel powerless to change. Often, they stem from childhood. Let me help you to identify and neutralize those blocks so that you can have the success that is waiting for you. Together, we can create new neuropathways in your brain to make those dreams a reality.

Learn Self-Hypnosis

Learn this simple art for yourself in three sessions and have it for life. Practice it and empower yourself to do what you long to do. When you learn and practice self-hypnosis, you have access to a powerful tool which professionals use for everything from public speaking to shooting hoops to taking tests comfortably. Empower yourself. Available individually and in group settings.

30 Minute Relax at Noon

Rewire your brain. It will make others wonder what you’re up to and you will feel so much better and be so much more productive as you move into the afternoon. Guided Imagery to lead you deeply into calm relaxation resets your system and literally creates a physiological shift in your body which affects the way that you feel. Leave feeling renewed, calm and ready for anything!


What can you do to feel better in this world today? Do you feel empowered? Using Numerology, tapping, toning and hypnosis, discover what you most want to do and find ways to start doing it immediately. Empower yourself to live from the authentic wellspring of your deepest sense of self and share that in the spirit of your souls mission. None of us is here by accident right now. Each of us has a vital role to play and when you connect to that within, yourself, you can act from a place of primal knowing. Included  are written/recorded  reports for you to reference, build on and sink into.


Like eating leafy green vegetable, nobody ever argues about whether or not meditation is good for you. It simply makes your life  better one sit at a time. Has it worked for you? Learn gently, with support, this  practice in a no judgement zone where you can ask any question and perhaps, even a practice for yourself!


According to the Pythagorean theory, we are each born with a blueprint of our lives that we can see right from the start. It is based on our birthdays and the letters of our names. Each letter corresponds to a number which all spells out our deepest heart longings, destiny’s, your innate gifts, how others see us. Discover your challenges, your Karma and timing of big changes and how to deal with it all.


Pricing and Packages

Please consult the Pricing page, as well as our special offers page as you plan your session. Cash, checks and credit cards are all gratefully accepted.