If you’re curious about our work and want to hear from our clients, please feel free to read through reviews on Yelp as well as the shared experiences below. Please note that Rossignol Healing Arts is an updated company name, a change from the previous “Urban Roots Wellness Center” title.

If you are a current client or would like to share your thoughts on a previous session, please feel free to contact us with your input!

I’ve gotten many massages at several places throughout the city, and Karen at Urban Roots Wellness Center may have the most healing hands I’ve experienced. In addition to being a highly-skilled massage therapist, she has excellent customer service skills, going above and beyond to accommodate my last minute appointment. As other reviews have noted, the space is clean, spacious, and relaxing. I give Karen and Urban Roots my highest recommendation.

—Jennifer S.

As a massage therapist, I am on the particular side when it comes to my bodywork. My appointment was with Karen, the owner. She was fantastic! We chatted before hand about my issues and complaint areas, about her style and what i could expect. My 90 minute session was worth the $95+tip. Afterward I felt relieved and relaxed; totally rejuvenated! Karen is friendly, knowledgeable and I am so glad I found her!!

—Becca S.

I am no stranger to getting massages, and as I have a history of tension headaches (and go to a chiropractor for that), I was looking forward to going to checking out Urban Roots. I happened to meet Karen at Trenton Ave Arts Fest this past spring and I was instantly impressed with her. I’m so glad I gave her (amazing) massage skills a try!

The space is wonderful. It smells beautifully of natural essential oils; it’s calm, quiet, and the rooms are beautiful and very clean. It felt like a lovely indulgence in that it is an obviously therapeutic space and ‘operation’ but was so sweetly spa-like in its environment.

My first massage experience was wonderful! Karen is very strong, has amazing technique, and is *obviously* extremely knowledgeable about anatomy and the body. I truly felt as though Karen was just *meant* for this work. She has a healing way about her and when I left, I had absolutely no tension or tightness *at all* in my mid back. What a great (and exceedingly rare) feeling! I also asked her questions and got some good tips on how to do some exercises to help mitigate my trouble areas. I immediately booked a follow-up massage in a month and intend to go regularly to her. I’ve found my massage therapist! I can see immediately how much I would benefit from regular visits.

Highest recommendations.

—Sarah P.

I’m 6 months pregnant and just finished an intense campaign at work…I needed a little stress relief! This place is in my neighborhood and I saw the great reviews on Yelp, so I called and was able to book a same-day appointment with Karen.

Well, it was my lucky day! Karen, much like many people who make the mistake of asking me how I’m doing these days, got the hormonal, teary answer about how I’m stressed to the max and having crazy pregnancy thoughts. She was kind and warm and patient with me and suggested teaching me an acupressure technique that truly helped me clear my mind – I felt immediate relief and a clear mind!

Next up was my massage – Karen was thorough and concentrated on the places I’m feeling the most stress.  I felt great during and afterwards. This was a wonderful experience — emotionally and physically soothing. I’ll definitely be back!

—Mary L.

I wanted to relax and do a day of taking care of me to celebrate my 41st BDay.  My first choice for a massage canceled my appointment because the therapist was ill.  The owner suggested that I go to URWC.  Thank God she did!!!  I received a hot stone massage with an aromatherapy. Karen (the owner) hands are magical.  She was also warm and knowledgeable.  I definitely will be going back.

—Michelle C.

From massages to hypnotherapy, Urban Roots Wellness Center is a great place and provides great services.  I’ve seen Karen for various sessions, most recently hypnotherapy, in order to quit smoking, and she is great at what she does.  She is extremely friendly, and highly professional.  The massage that I received was terrific.  It provided a good deal of relief to some chronic pain I’ve had in my shoulder.  I had also seen Karen for treatment of my PTSD.  In mentioning that I am a Veteran, Karen told me about Emotional Freedom Technique, and recommended that I try it out with her.  EFT definitely provided me a new outlet in dealing with my symptoms, specifically anxiety.  I have nothing but positive reviews about Karen and Urban Roots Wellness Center.  I am 3 weeks smoke-free and haven’t felt better in years!

—John B.

Karen Rossignol (Owner, creator of Urban Roots) is a gifted healer.  I have called upon Karen for her prodigious talent as a Reiki Master  for my daughter Lily many times and I must say her energy work has created miracles.  The first being when my daughter came home from the NICU the Doctors put the thought into motion that due to her severe complications at birth, including bilateral grade IV head bleeds, she would express with severe cerebral palsy never to walk or talk.  On top of that, she had failed all hearing tests leaving most health professionals to predict she would be deaf.  Karen did Reiki on  Lily numerous times during her first weeks home.  She surpassed any original prognosis from the Doctors and caught up quickly developmentally in all areas.  She is a vibrant 6 year old with remarkable oral language skills, perfect hearing and sight, a dancer, a runner, an amazing kid that shows up every day and teaches me the truth.  I know that Karen’s work with her in those first months of her life had a profound impact in her develpment.   I write this review today because most recently, Lily was in the hospital with pneumonia.  On Sunday evening the Doctors were talking double pneumonia, with a highly probable need for surgery to remove the fluid in her left lung.  They said we were looking at a hospital stay for at least a week.  This was the sickest I had ever seen my child in her walking, talking years.  Even though hundreds of miles separate us (we live in Richmond)  I called upon Karen’s gifts immediately.   By Monday morning the xray looked entirely different from Sunday.  NO pneumonia in the right lung at all and the left lung had shown enough change that there was no need to call in the surgeon.  Karen continued the REIKI work and  by Wednesday the light in my childs eyes had returned and she was coming Home.  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is the Reiki work that Karen did that expedited the healing process for my daughter.  Nothing short of a miracle.  Karen’s work as a REIKI HEALER is giftedly brilliant.   No miles of separation can stop that divine force.

—Julie F.

Great place!!! I’ve never had a massage done before and this was the perfect time for me to have one, since I’m 7 months pregnant.  It was a great first time experience!!

It is a pleasant place, with a calm atmosphere and great decoration. The room was dark, clean and with soothing music played in the back ground.  I had a 60 minute massage with Karen and she did a great job. She made me feel comfortable the whole time, she targeted my problem areas and she even showed me different techniques to work on my problem areas at home.  I’m definitely planning to come back to have another massage done and also, I would like to learn how to give a massage to my newborn by taking her infant massage class.

I will absolutely recommend Urban Roots to family and friends!!

—Martha M.

I am relatively new to Philadelphia and have been bouncing around trying to find a massage therapist that I like.  I went into Urban Roots Wellness Center in pain today.  Having overworked my body for the last few weeks my hands were a mess and my muscles felt knotted and strained.  Karen (owner) began the massage with me lying face up on the table and she worked my neck shoulders and arms.  I was stunned by the accuracy of her approach – her touch was deep and fluid and she was incredibly skilled.   When getting massage, I have often felt that it was by rote.   Karen’s massage felt the opposite of that – dynamic, deep and geared specifically for the particular difficulties I was experiencing in my body.  Knots began to be release and by the time I was on my back, all my muscles felt like they had softened and I was experiencing relief.  While I generally enjoy massage, I was struck by how genuinely therapeutic this massage was for me.  And now this evening as I am writing, I feel a looseness and freedom from the pain I was experiencing prior to the massage that is absolutely remarkable.

I will go back to Urban Roots (often).  The physical environment was lovely and peaceful and my experience was excellent.  Indeed, as soon as I was inside the space I felt like I had left Girard far behind. The pricing is very moderate and a truly therapeutic massage is hard to find.  This one felt not only therapeutic but actually inspired!

—Nancy B.

Fantastic and Friendly to Out-Of-Towners!  I recently went to Philly for business and, having never been there before, didn’t know one part of the city from another.  I am usually very stressed when I travel and a colleague suggested I get a massage.  I found Urban Roots by chance, or was it?  I feel I was almost led there, if only to meet Karen (owner and therapist).  Being in her presence is like being in a warm embrace.  Her center is very clean and inviting, and the staff all very friendly.  My main complaint was simply stress and Karen recommended a Swedish Massage, which promotes relaxation and well being.  My therapist was Fran, and her touch was so soothing she made me drool (seriously).  I was so impressed that I made a follow up appointment for the end of my trip (I was there a week).  When I went in the second time I was feeling not only stressed but also tight and stiff (blame the hotel beds).  This time I agreed to fill out  a diagram where my trouble spots are and Karen herself gave me my massage.  Her deep tissue massage is definitely deep, but it is not bruising like I’ve had at other places.  She is strong but careful, and seems to know just where to get those knots out.  I would highly recommend Fran for the Swedish Massage and Karen for the Deep Tissue Massage.  There are several other services they offer, too, and if I lived here I would try them all and be a regular customer.  Thank you, Urban Roots!

—Rebecca M.

A friend of mine recommended this place to me as she has had a couple appointments here. She got the “deep tissue” massage, after which she said her entire body felt like it was re-aligned.

I got the swedish, with Karen (who is the owner). She is really amazing. And also a sweetie. I had biked to the appointment and upon arriving with wet jeans, Karen asked if I’d like to give them a spin in her dryer so they’d be all nice and dry when I got done with my massage.

The massage itself was just fantastic. I went for stress reduction, I didn’t have any pulled muscles or anything like that. Afterwards, I felt really worked out, almost the way I feel after a 90 minute yoga class. Intense but good.

—Lauren J.

I have been lucky enough to have had massages all over the world by incredible therapists over the years, I came to Urban Roots via a strong recommendation by a colleague and have never looked back.  Karen is one of the finest in her field and I recommend her with all that I have!

—David G.

I had a 90 minute massage (nothing special, no hot stone or anything like that) with Karen (?) who I assume is the owner and it was fantastic. I’ve been to quite a few places around town (including Rescue Rittenhouse) and aside from Yoriko (sp?) at a place in Old City, have always felt “meh” afterwards for a variety of reasons (which can include: ugly/weird waiting area, tiny, cluttered massage rooms, less than friendly vibe from staff other than therapist, nice therapists who seem rushed or less than interested or aren’t strong and/or intuitive enough…ok, maybe I’m picky).

Anyway, there is a lovely waiting area (which I didn’t spend any time in since I was taken right away after filling out my intake form), Karen both greeted me and did the massage (no 3rd party), she did a thorough going over of my questionnaire (for instance, I accidentally wrote that I was pregnant which I am thankfully and definitely not!), asked me about what was bothering me, and went to work.

The room was dark and quiet and peaceful, seemingly miles away from the less than lovely scenery of Girard Avenue. She worked quite a while on my jaw and shoulders and neck and went really deep. The woman is STRONG and I get the sense she really knows anatomy and is also seriously intuitive when it comes to other people’s bodies.

I should also note that I ended up here because my husband (who is pickier than I am when it comes to massage) went a few days earlier and was really, really pleased.

In sum, this place is completely worth going out of your way for -I’d recommend it over anywhere I’ve been in the city. I’ve probably been to 10 different massage therapists in 5 different places over the past two years since I arrived here in Philly and this is the best I’ve had. I just made another appointment for tomorrow.